Friday 6 January 2017

logic wordplay

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logic wordplay Lyrics, singer by LOGIC

we gon' switch it up like this

[verse 1: logic]
uh, now i'm off the hook so none of y'all can debate it
solid making music cause i never really related
to this bullshit that they spit claiming that they made it
similar to a eight guard cause i can't fade it
use your logic you could never evade it
i'm kinda like the young sinatra mixed with sammy davis jr
already know where they are, doing the best to ever to do it
rhyming to improve and take rap and move it in another direction
and spread like infection, better yet lice cause i'm always on they mind
i'm a breed of different kind, yes i'm ahead of my time, when it comes to the rhyme

[verse 2: logic]
you can catch me in the booth from dusk till the sun up
the super mario flow i always get the 1 up
yeah we gun up, laser gotta how we run up, [gun shots]
not really but it sounded tight (shut up)
fuck around and steal your bitch just to get the nut up
really what up? with everybody looking for a deal
you can call me indy ana jones
and i'm headed for the throne
going on the mj beat
leave me alon, e this is music
who are you to tell me how to use it?
never confuse it originality i'll never lose it
maybe i'm a little psycho for hopping on this beat
but the logical part of me telling you're feeling it b
see i'm a lyrical entity blowing minds like kennedy
with controversial lines so everybody remember me
i'm repping maryland if you want to snap like you a terrorist
like you in the air... i'm just fucking around
switch it up with various styles to keep you around

[outro: woman]
some people are entertainers and some people are great entertainers
some people are followers and some people make the path and are pioneers

Thursday 5 January 2017

logic worthy (outro)

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logic worthy (outro) Lyrics, singer by LOGIC

my mentor once told me, that fire cannot be denied
i'm 20 years old, and i've sacrificed the last four years of my life, to create music just for you
my social life. stayin' in the studio, practicing, grinding. just to give you, the soundtracks for your life
so i'm gonna continue to wake up every day and make good music, and get that recognition

and i deserve it, i think i deserve it
it's becoming something that's impossible to ignore
and i deserve it, i think i deserve it

yeah, now let me switch it up with some shit you ain't ever heard
ain't drunk but the flow's slow
everybody just relax and listen to my words [x2]
so many times have i designed a similar rhyme that came to mind, (inevitable)[?] to find the way i'm feelin' now
i'm feeling like i'm ready to blow, been waiting patiently but fuck it now i gotta go
when it comes to making this music it's nada yo, see you can't comprehend the amount of mind or heart i'm givin'
hip hops my show first, so you know i'm driven. sunrise to sunset you know how i'm living
you see, i think it then write it, read it, repeat it then lace it, produce it then record it mix it then master it so the people adore it

it's becoming something that's impossible to ignore
and i deserve it, i think i deserve it

Wednesday 4 January 2017

logic sellin drugs

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logic sellin drugs Lyrics, singer by LOGIC

welcome, to some shit that's considered legendary
i'm here to put the rap game in the cemetery
they told me it couldn't happen
ain't no way in hell you gon' make millions off of rapping
but i'm just so determined
catch me on the stage spitting verses like a sermon
you know i had to make them realize
lights, camera, action, mawfucka check the real in my eyes
now they all looking so surprised
the dawn of a new era, like the sun had arise
through these lyrics, i am immortalized
strictly spiting the truth but the rest is telling more lies
this the type of shit most people fantasize
but this the shit i used to analyze
they told me i was too underground
so i took the mic out my basement and found another sound
i want it, i need it, i'm coming for the crown
can't nobody stop me, i'm rocky let's go another round

[hook: kanye west from can't tell me nothing ]

i'm kinda on my rockafella meets nelson mandela
raining money, no umbrella flow
most of these people they will never know
watchu have to sacrifice as a person to truly grow
see i'm in love with this shorty right
but first i gotta get this story right
cause in this business love will never last
sold out shows, hoes, and a whole lotta ass
damn what a concoction
but these hoes ain't an option
cause a woman what i'm looking for
a girl with wisdom that give me brain so insane
or maybe i'm just going insane
on the road to success, so i'm living in the fast lane

Tuesday 3 January 2017

logic backpack

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logic backpack Lyrics, singer by LOGIC

i'm a just go in on this joint right now for y'all
all my lyricism heads where y'all at?

[verse 1:]
i spit fifties and shit hundreds
do shit that's undid
spontaneously combust in these bitches guts
i get em wet, no need to touch
break they back like dutches
keep em close like the toast i clutch
never the less
i'm never depressed
i keep feelings suppressed
one of the best but need to listen if i'm a progress
i'm ready to live, i'm ready to die, i'm ready to ride for rap
i said it on a record, now i can't take it back
stop, i shut it down like a bloodclot
smoke emcees, like a fuckin bumbaclot
mic check, i come to catch wreck
death before dishonor so i'm coming for your neck
i pop emcees like hymens
y'all glass posing in stubs but i'm a diamond
i reckon you need to listen
i'm never dissin'
unless your shit is wack, i'll beat you into submission
catch me fishin
cause i'm eating for a lifetime
wisdom in my mind
i'm a star watch me shine
fucking your bitch from behind
record it and hit rewind
i'm nasty, construct rhymes like rhinoplasty
a hip hop statute
rhymes coming at you, god bless you
when i kick wisdom it never stress you or test you
unless you a dumb motherfucker

we gon' get into it like this

[verse 2:]
said this is mathematic tactics
murder this rap shit
intravenously inject my prophylactics
inhale my words like a fresh batch of vicks
similar to black ice cause the flow so slick
what's up, rappers hear the rhyme they slit they wrists up
do a whole 'lotta talking, no rapping like fisticuffs
yeah, turn my headphones up
that's all you sayin' but i'm sprayin' and i can't get enough
raw, rugged and rough
my alter ego, mr.tough
i'll call your bluff
face to face never snuff
i murder you with predicate poetic balletic shit
no mercy cause if i grip the mic they might curse me
da vinci flow
before i grip the mic i'm in control
before i manifested tendons i was rhyming as a embryo
living in vertigo
half of these fuckers don't know
it's logic
i said it's logic

Monday 2 January 2017

logic ask em

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logic ask em Lyrics, singer by LOGIC

uh, uh,
yeah i got it now what is it,
pay the world a visit,
let them know i'm 'bout it with this golden ticket,
see my curriculum is flippin' 'em,
a hundred and fifty one yeah we sippin' 'em,
bitches they trippin' all up in the club,
show me love if you really 'bout it,
i don't never doubt it,
one of the best out of maryland i'm down to shout it,
never cocky i'm just confident the flow is prominent,
this is the reason that i'm dominant,
that automatic platinum plated flow know i'mma shine with it,
all of y'all is down to conform but i realign with it,
performing at a full house,
feeling like uncle jesse,
bitches they stress me,
take them to the crib undress three,
children lie, men lie, women lie then we die,
but i'm here to tell the truth and let you know i'm finna rise,
to no surprise,
fake rappers meet your demise,
the microphone and adobe audition my only supplies,
look within my eyes,
yes i'll bury the odds,
now i ask em,
is you feelin' me?

i got it back and now i'm on again,
hit you in your chest like breathing after a shot of gin,
i'm just a living organism that has arisen,
with so many bars i can manufacture for various prisons,
so let me show you what i'm bout and baby how i do it,
flowing for hours every day just so i can improve it,
when i perform i envision a crowd and how to move it,
see i am lyrically inclined,
alphabetically take apart and rebuild your mind,
i'm on my grind,
and guarantee ain't no style like mine,
i bring the force of course with no remorse,
i'm married to the game don't even talk about divorce,
'till death do us part,
reincarnate then restart,
with biggie's eyes, big l's mind, and pac's heart,
rip it apart, intravenously like poison dart,
y'all bananas if you think i'm slipping in mario's karts.

Sunday 1 January 2017

logic growing pains

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logic growing pains Lyrics, singer by LOGIC


i'm tryna write my wrongs but its funny them same wrongs help me write this song now
i'm tryna write my wrongs but its funny them same wrongs help me write this song now

[verse 1:]
see i was born into a world of food stamps and welfare
no dollar for the ice cream man and nappy hair
raised by a single mom but in the back of my mind i thought i gotta have my pops no cereal
never had a lot but now i got plenty material
no longer, do i wish for money cause being broke made me stronger, harder, faster, better
so now i alphabetically murder every letter
uh, feel the conviction in my words like a jail sentence
murderin' a first through a verse won't be no repentance
momma i'm sorry that i left at seventeen
but i had to chase my dream and get this mofuckin cream
only people that i got is the people that's on my team
cause when i roll up on the scene i see everyone start to scheme
talk about they connections, talk about who they know
then they beggin' me for a feature and i'm like hold up yo
if you know who you know why the fuck you ain't blow
matter fact you ain't fuck with me this time last year though
i was kicking rhymes but you ain't paid on mind or the soul
and you on my dick riding like the baddest of hoes
you think its easy but its not
see the talent that i got
determination keep it fresh if i don't shine in this gold mine
cause it don't happen overnight
one hit wonders don't keep the spot
and i plan to hold the torch until i pass it and get shot, what

i'm tryna write my wrongs but its funny them same wrongs help me write this song now
i'm tryna write my wrongs but its funny them same wrongs help me write this song now

[verse 2:]
see this is dedication running up on radio stations
they with the glind enter my mind they was just hatin' haha
testing my patience they got me pissed like probation
but i had the mind to keep going and the heart to keep racing
and as the world crumbled beneath my feet like a hatian
i was inspired by them to persevere through dedication
failure i'm never facing my lyrics is education
so if you got the tape crank that shit like jason statham
yeah, this is my story word by word as i'm emerging just relax and let me open your mind like brain surgeon
uhh, fresh in the game they should sign me the the virgin
but me and solo know that i would only get to splurgin'
i see the road to success and now its time to merge em
don't forget its when you gone what my homies urging, don't forget its when you gone, uhh i gotcha
you see these seinfeld rappers talking a whole lot of nothing so allow me to curve your enthusiasm or something
this is kinda like m.j before his prime when he dunking cause i ain't 23 yet but when i'm there it'll be something

i'm tryna write my wrongs but its funny them same wrongs help me write this song now
i'm tryna write my wrongs but its funny them same wrongs help me write this song now

[verse 3:]
growing up there was baby momma drama everyday and every way
but now my kids i ain't got none to this day
cause a rubber �round my jimmy when i consider foreplay
hey, back in the day west deer park where we stay
i was running around while momma was drinking everyday
but its okay i wouldn't have it any other way
cause it developed me into the young man that you see today
through dedication yeah, yeah
never follow traditions you see i had a different vision
i always skip school and writin' compositions 'bout my home conditions
you know the usual no money and family division
in specific i remember this time in my kitchen
with my sisters man back before he went to prison and got into religion
he showed me how to cook crack at 12 and i ain't kiddin'
after releasing him with ba he no longer living
and i'm pretty sure his last breath was lord forgive him
now my nephew ain't got a father that'll keep him safe
all i can hope is he a good boy for his mommas sake
cause she never did recover from his fathers fate
and if he grew into a man that made the same mistake
well to be honest i don't know how much more she could take
so to every baby momma that could truly relate it is you unto this song that i should dedicate


Saturday 31 December 2016

logic give it to me

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logic give it to me Lyrics, singer by LOGIC

only last week i murdered a rock, injured a stone
hospitalized a brick, i'm so mean i make medicine sick

yeah my name is logic, yeah my name is logic
yeah my name is, yeah my name is logic and i'm in the fucking building
yeah my name is logic, yeah my name is logic
yeah my name is, yeah my name is logic

[hook: x2]
(give it to me) like i want it, i need it
gotta have it, can't live without it
(i'm a give it to you) like you want it, you need it
gotta have it, can't live without it

[verse 1: logic]
o.k. i'm a give it to you like you never had, get you glad
crucify that pussy, yeah your boy is bad (boy is bad)
if you want it now then girl let's get it popping
panties dropping, fuck your man
now or never shorty, we ain't never stopping
so use your logic, mama you won't get this chance again
take you to the moon just to watch the fucking world spin
yes i'm living right, but tonight i'm in a world of sin
try to focus on this music but here comes that girl again
love the way she talk, the way she walk, the way her curls spin
and every time she talk to me i feel the need for oxygen

[hook: x2]

[verse 2: logic]
yeah my name is logic and i'm in the fucking building
searching for the shorty that is down to have my children
break a genetic code that allows my dna to fill him
blood money all i know so you can say i make a killin
when i'm in your presence, my intellect what surrounds you
but we can dumb it down, no need for words, let me astound you
take a sip of water, smoke a jack, it's time for round 2
i beat the pussy up, like i want your lunch money
give you the quick stick, like fifth gear, honey
i don't prefer beef, that just isn't my agenda
i'd rather eat beets, like a thursday in november

[hook: x2]

yeah my name is logic, yeah my name is logic
yeah my name is, yeah my name is logic and i'm in the fucking building
yeah my name is logic, yeah my name is logic
yeah my name is, yeah my name is logic, you can say i make a killin'
yeah my name is logic, yeah my name is logic
yeah my name is, yeah my name is logic and i'm in the fucking building
yeah my name is logic, yeah my name is logic
yeah my name is, yeah my name is logic, you can say i make a killin'