Friday, 21 October 2016

raury fly

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raury fly Lyrics, singer by RAURY

[verse 1 raury:]
i'm afraid i'll die
and you can look at me and never wonder why
because i'm brown and young and my
hair it is nappy
and if i spend a day outside
just doing normal things inside my hometown
and be the wrong place, wrong time
i could be dying
and yes the holder of the gun
it could be him or her, it could be black or white
but when the deed is done it's done
we have a killer
and in the rising of the sun
hope you remember me with positivity
cause there's a target on my back
time's only wasting

[hook raury:]
and yes i hope one day we'll fly
above the things that make humanity divide
oh yes i hope one day we'll fly
i pray the kids i have see better days than mine
oh yes i hope one day we'll fly
and for the ones that died, and for the ones that died
i hope you fly
i hope you fly
i hope you fly
i hope you fly

[verse 2 raury:]
i'm not a nuisance to mankind
and even if i was i don't deserve to die
because a man should kill no man
on no condition
so i won't ever understand
how triggers pull against a man with empty hands
cause we can kill the innocent
you are a killer
i hope a god is up above
i hear his voice sometimes and i have seen some signs
that yes the devil walks this world
just look around you
or you can look into your phone
or check the news you trust or check the timeline
because we all have lost control
with our assignment

[hook raury]

[outro malik shakur:]
i hope my son dreams to be mountains
i hope he dreams to change the surface of the earth
i hope he dreams past the stars and the nebula
i hope he never falls for the traps
i hope he knows his skin is gold
i hope he knows the world is his for the taking
i hope he never becomes a hashtag
i hope to never see him on the back of a t shirt
i hope that no man in no uniform, assumes he's reaching for something in his pocket
i hope he knows it's okay to love
i hope he's a daydreamer
i hope he flys

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