Sunday, 6 November 2016

tory lanez i95

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tory lanez i95 Lyrics, singer by TORY LANEZ

uh, it's all good til that ride go low
and the hoes you was fuckin' they don't slidin' nomo
that's why i'm on this i 95 alone
ridin' with the windows down
tryna sip it down now
i think about it when i'm high or low
like i don't even expect you to ride nomo
guess i can't worry bout nothin' but mine nomo
that's why i'm on this i 95 like no no no no no
it's like nothin' all over now
westside girls, where the fuck you been?
if you really know a nigga holla at me then

am i still fuckin' with these bitches?
told myself i wouldn't
but she's here inside my living room
same slick dress on, lipstick pressed on
gave a couple reasons
why she ain't for being slept on
killa in the line of that outfit designer
they just came out with
she got a problem maxin' out my card
i hardly doubt it
that's why i'm out in all these malls
tryna call accountants
and any time she do me wrong
i start to fuck more bout it
bitches that's down to strip to they slickest outfits
and they just wanna fuck the kid
with kicks that ain't come out yet
and i'm just livin' life
no chaser, lemon spice
young entertainer
livin' life like i'm evan white
pacin' all my blatant move
like from the line and shootin' threes
you could be takin' twos
you know you greater
so you just do what you made to do
fuck what they say dog
just pray to god and make it thru
now make yo moves nigga


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