Thursday, 29 September 2016

jeremih dope

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jeremih dope Lyrics, singer by JEREMIH

sometimes i need a rush
sometimes i need a hit
i heard it's you that got it
right now i need a fix
devil juice on the right
candlelight for the dinner
me and you feel so perfect
satisfaction and bliss
undress you for a taste
scent of you for my nose
yeah you got my heart drumming
but i love the rock and roll

oh oh oh
so sweet
so sweet
oh oh oh
so sweet
oh oh oh
oh oh oh
yeah yeah
yeah yeah

bad times you're never here
sometimes i need a dose
these empty nights are lonely
that's when i need you most
tell me you'll never leave
this right here
yeah i wanna stay
where you revolve around me
everything's night and day
baby take me high
oh let's kill the monotony
when we play there together
that's perfect harmony

oh oh oh
so sweet
so sweet
oh oh oh
yeah yeah

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