Thursday, 29 September 2016

jeremih fuck you all the time (remix)

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jeremih fuck you all the time (remix) Lyrics, singer by JEREMIH

[pre hook: natasha mosley]
early in the morning is when i think about you
i hit you like, what you saying
and the morning is when i want to fuck you, yeah
i hit you like what you saying

[hook: natasha mosley]
i could fuck you all the time
i could fuck you all the time

[verse 1: jeremih]
that's the fuck we sip
that's the fuck we drip
traphouse still tip
facetime when i'm gone
she gives me dome from a distance
and she loves to climb on top
because she loves to walk off limping
pimps up, hoes down
legs up or toes down
why she jock me?
because shes knock kneed
and we've got trees
so mary, go around
gotta know, i ate her
she's so sweet, now or later
i want that all the time, all the time
i'll make you all mine

[pre hook]

[hook x2]

[verse 2: jeremih]
god damn mommy your sticky icky icky
got a nigga out here feeling picky icky icky
every time he put it on me, man leave 'em real trippy
every time we on it, we keep it fifty/fifty
don't let the time ticky icky icky
while i'm snapping off your bra and biting down your vickie's
[head shots] feeling real tipsy
getting real freaky and it's getting really frisky
chanel say no, then she say go, up and down that pole, she go, go
fuck me like you hate me, kiss me like you miss me
anything i want to is what she always tells me

[pre hook]

[hook x2 (overlapping)]

[hook x2]

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